Dr. Robert Allen, Jr.



Grace and Truth Fellowship

"Where Jesus is Real"

13771 Warwick Blvd. Suite 35

Newport News, VA

A native of Newport News, VA, Bishop Robert Allen, Jr. grew up with much adversity and with great personal struggles.  Without Robert’s consent, God was setting the stage for His will to be completed through this broken vessel that was marred in the Father’s hands.  Through infinite wisdom and perfect planning, mercy and grace showed up and began to impart truth into this man’s life. 

YAHWEH placed a calling upon his life in 1985. This call later led him into the military.  In 1987 Robert realized that there was a tremendous burden upon him to preach the word of God.  He began to attend a local C.O.G.I.C. ministry in Germany where the Lord developed him in the areas of obedience and sacrifice.  Working patience in Robert through the ministry of helps, God took over! In 1989, GOD placed a pastoral mantle upon him.

Pastor Allen was known for his leading efforts in the underground ministry that provided bibles, clothing and food to those in 3rd world and communist countries.  His ministry became a multi-cultural church through the dynamic, powerful, and non-traditional preaching of the word of GOD.  This ministry grew tremendously and included Africans, Romanians, Serbians, Bosnia's, Americans and Germans.

From Germany, GOD sent Pastor Allen to Fort Knox, KY where he assisted in the fellowship as associate and assistant Pastor at End Time House of Prayer and Trumpet in Zion Revival Temple.   He ministered over the radio as well as in the congregation and did the work of the evangelist in numerous churches and prisons and is a renowned counselor.