Save  Our Nation

We are living in a time now where so much focus is set on helping and providing for other nations and countries. While this is good, we must not forget about HOME.

Many Non-Profit, governmental, and private organizations are pouring billions of dollars into the aid and welfare of the needy in other countries. However, the United States have so many needs that are not met for its own less fortunate citizens.

Dr. Allen has been envisioned by GOD to focus on saving our nation by helping restoring hope, dreams, and the self esteem of many that have lost their piece of the American Dream.

Many of our citizens have been victimized by broken homes, sexual abuse, divorce, drug and sexual addictions, Aids, and even criminal activities. The areas that I have identified have all but totally crippled our nation.

As a nation, America was founded upon scriptural principals that allowed the pursuit of happiness and the many other freedoms which it stood for. However for many, this pursuit have escaped their grasp because of the many mishaps and hardships encountered in their life.

We here at SON,  believe that our nation must return back unto GOD (Psalms 9;17, Proverbs 14;34) to be healed of her plagues of high divorce, teen pregnancy, aids, suicide, incarceration, hunger, homelessness, and the many other things that plague our society.

The SON Foundation intend to provide biblical/spiritual counseling that will allow our troubled population hearts and minds to be restored to a place of restoration and self worth to be productive citizens.



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